About Us

Cecelia Coyle, BS, MSW, LCSW, Founder

Cecilia-Coyle-profileAging at Home, Ltd. has earned a well-respected reputation in the community, serving seniors with sensitivity and committed to enabling seniors to remain at home. In Cecelia Coyle’s words, “There is nothing more comforting for family members than knowing their senior loved ones have the company of a supportive and considerate companion. We share our families’ gratification in knowing that their loved ones are enjoying their familiar surroundings and in most cases, remain in their homes where they raised their own families. What could be better?”

Cecelia Coyle was recognized by the American Association of Homes for the Aging for her significant innovation, “Video Visits.” Cecelia, ahead of her time, recognized the need for interaction to keep seniors alert and oriented, especially when family members cannot be present to interact. The video visit was a videotape of a “loved one” which the senior could watch when family members were unavailable. Cecelia recognized a need and filled it. Today, she has done the same with Aging at Home, Ltd. Cecelia states, “I searched extensively to find my mother a qualified companion, who interacted with her, walked with her, read to her and cared for her when I was not able.” Using her years of experience as a geriatric social worker, care manager and daughter, Cecelia started Aging at Home, Ltd. to assist families in locating qualified companions who could enable their loved one to remain in the community.

In 2012, Aging at Home, Ltd was recognized by the National Association of Social Workers, New York Chapter, as the agency of the year! Please read about our award.

Cecelia Coyle served as the Director of Social Services and Admissions at the Komanoff Center for Geriatric & Rehab Medicine in Long Beach, New York from 1982 to 1997; she previously held the positions of Director of Social Services at the Mayfair Care Center in Hempstead, New York and Assistant Director of Social Services at Broadlawn Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Amityville, New York.

Geraldine Morente, Office Manager and Placement Specialist.

Geraldine-Morente-profileGeraldine Morente is a nursing graduate, originally from Manila, in the Philippines. Geraldine’s managerial skills and nursing background are without compromise. She handles responsibility with a high degree of character and maturity; listening and understanding families’ issues is always a priority. Geraldine easily identifies which placement issues are emergent and which are not. To quote Geraldine, “I have become a people person with a deep understanding of human nature and able to identify individual differences with my 17 years of experience.”

Please give Geraldine a call to discuss how Aging at Home, Ltd. can assist you.